These years were filled with trips! 2011-04-28 Keukenhof / NL und Zandvoort aan Zee / NL From 2011-05-25 to 2011-06-21 USA from west (Las Vegas) to NYC - 28 days by rental car = 11.307 km 2011-08-21 to 2011-08-28 the south of Poland 2011-09-18 to 2011-09-25 the north of Poland 2011-12-16 to 2011-12-23 cruises 2012-03-12 to 2012-03-27 Southafrica 2012-07-23 to 2012-08-05 Ireland 2013 tbc! 2021-04-30


 These years were very important for my wife and me! tbc!


  Let's wait and see!


 Let's wait and see!

1971 - 1980

From 1971 to 1980  In 1972 I started the period of travelling around the world. It was a weekend on a camping ground in Wijk aan Zee / NL with my wife and our eldest son by car. In July 1973 me and my family spent a weekend B&B in Zandvoort aan Zee / NL by car. In August 1974 me and my family spent another weekend B&B in Zandvoort aan Zee / NL by car. From 1974-11-15 to 1974-12-13 I spent a reha cure in Bad Gandersheim / Harz, because I had health problems. From 1975-08-20 to 1975-08-22 me and my family stayed on a campsite in Dishoek near Vlissingen / NL by VW-bus. 1976-06-30 a day on the beach in Zandvoort aan Zee / NL by car. From 1976-08-17 to 1976-08-20 me and my family spent 4 days on a camping ground in Vogelenzang / NL near Zandvoort aan Zee by car. On 1977-02-26 me and my wife (without our children) flew on holiday to Lanzarote / Canary Island for 3 weeks. We had a great time and wonderful weather. From 1978-07-17 to 1978-07-27 we, my whole family, went for a round tri

1961 - 1970

From 1961 to 1970 During these years it happened a lot, but there were no trips. After my apprenticeship - I qualified in merchant for food 1962 - I had no money to travel around the world. 1962 I bought a guitar and founded a skiffle group with some friends. I was the leader, singer and guitarist. In January 1964 I joined the German army for 2 years. There I was a chief accountant. In November 1966 I married. In June 1967 was born my eldest son. In July 1968 were born twins - a son and a daughter. In 1969 my financial situation improved due to a change of occupation. 2020-11-30 / 2021-05-11

1948 to 1960 - childhood and youth

From 1948 to 1960 - childhood and youth My first event far from home (about 10 km) were some days at my grandparents' in Kamen (Northrhine-Westphalia, Germany), when I not yet went to school. In 1951 I had my first day at school: A couple of years later, in 1955 , I needed a rest cure at the seaside. I went to the Northsea island Juist by train for 6 weeks. It was a wonderful time. I enjoyed it to be far from home! In 1957 cycle tour and camping It was during the summer holidays when my parents started a cycle tour with me. We took a train from Bönen (Kreis Unna) to Nienburg / Weser . From there we cycled about 20 km to a camping site in Rethem / Aller. The next day it rained but we had to go across the Lüneburger Heide (Lüneburg Heath) to Hamburg . The night before we reached Hamburg we had an overnight stay on the camping site in Heber / Soltau in the middle of the heath. The 4th, 5th and 6th night we spent on the camping ground in Hamburg