2108-09-18 | -25 Bodensee / Lake Constance / Lac de Constance

Since a couple of years I wanted to go on a cycle tour around the Lake Constance. Finally, it happened this year. It should be the last cycle tour in my life, because I'm feeling being to old.

As I made an excellent experience during the cycle tour Passau - Vienna along the river Danube booked through the travel agency Donau Touristik (, Linz/Austria, I booked this tour there, too.
Nearly everything has been organized - the rail journey, the bicycles, accommodation and the transport of luggage.

2018-09-18, 08:55 h we went to the railway station Essen-Steele.
At 09:10 h the train S1 started to Duisburg main station. There we arrived at 09:35 h.
At 10:10 h we continued our journey on the train ICE 105 to Basel / Switzerland. It was a very warm day and the air-conditioning system was out of order. We couldn't change our seats, because the train was overcrowded.
The train arrived at Basel at 14:45 h and was a little bit delayed. Therefore we missed our connect…

2007-09-15 to 2007-09-29 Crete / Κρητη

2007-09-15: flight from Dusseldorf to Hania
04:00-05:10 h from Essen to Dusseldorf by train
05:30-05:40 h check-in / baggages
05:45-05:55 h security check
06:00 h boarding --> 06:05 h take off
09:10 h landing Hania
09:20-09:40 h baggage claim
09:50-10:15 h customs
10:50-12:45 h transfer by bus to Rethymnon-Platanis, Hotel Nefeli

 Hotel Nefeli, Platanis

14:15-18:00 walk around Platanis and along the beach.

2007-09-16, 09:50-10:15 h to Rethymnon by bus.
-15:50 h walk (sightseeing) around the town.

Rethymnon, port

15:50-16:15 h return to Platanis by bus. 16:30-17:05 h swimming in the outdoor pool of the hotel.